Friday, 18 November 2016

Metallica - Self-Destruct, album review

A Run of Ps

I wrote a run of Metallica album reviews here, and if you want to read the elaborated search for nuances where there wouldn’t seem to be that many, this is the place to put your feet up and spend a little while reading.

I mention because it struck me listening to their latest Hardwired – a hardly apocalyptic thought – that it is essentially more of the tried and tested successful same, predominantly machinegun riffing, and thus an onomatopoeic, empathetic and plosive one-liner would suffice as review: the puissance of pulsating pulverisations.

I actually have some pride in the elongated efforts mentioned, but this will do for this release. The title track says it all lyrically and succinctly too: we’re so fucked, shit out of luck, hardwired to self-destruct.

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