Thursday, 10 November 2016

Rossington - Take It On Faith, album review

Stir Your Stew With Attitude

Southern rock royalty, Gary and Dale Rossington sizzle through twelve polished tracks, rock that contains most of its grit in the historical vocal of Dale and is produced with just enough shimmer to keep it sitting on a stool rather than crawling on the barroom floor.

Opener Highway of Love is generic AOR with intrinsic sass, and second I Should've Known is the blues played to that polished perfection, a studio band who know exactly where to plug in the leads and set the knobs, Dale Rossington yet again rooting it all in class. Third, the title track, is an acoustic number, and Dale roughs up the edges with a lament on hardship, slide dobro and piano plonks widening out the pathos.

Similar rolls out for the rest, a raunchy to restful range, gospel for example in fourth Light a Candle, a hopeful anthem on making a new start when lit by its comfortable metaphor, better to light a candle than curse the dark. Perhaps this was meant to presage the first day post Trump's election....

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