Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Answer - Solas, album review

Nulled Noggin Knockin'

No longer, it would seem, just Rock, retro or nu, as fine as that is, this latest from Irish band The Answer still purveys the scorchers but in tracks like Beautiful World especially, the palette has been filled with a broader range of complex vocal and instrumental colouring. This is an expansive song. Battle Cry is an acoustic rouser that again breaks from riff roots, folk fusing within with a rallying vocal chorus, or as it tells us, you are an anthem on the radio.

Just in case, along comes Untrue Colour, all riff and Cormac Neeson in fine voice, though this too morphing into anthem and a hint of 80s synth. Interesting. Thief of Light is echoing guitar and the sweetest vocal chorus before this too surprises with its anthemic core [with different lyrics guys, this could have been your Christmas single, and forever payday].

Being Begotton has some balladic rock blues, Neeson restrained yet powerful in the early vocal focus, and the rises within the whole are sung with passion.

Left Me Standing brushes with the echo of Thin Lizzy, and Demon Driven Man pulses with real rock strut. That leaves the opening title track as the expected one, not saviour, but a signature sound that still hints at the widening developments to follow. The conscious shift in direction signposted, this album will reveal tangents some headbanging fans may find difficult to knock their noggins to. I like the broadening, but will also welcome the return.

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