Monday, 7 November 2016

Paolo Fresu & Omar Sosa - Eros, album review

Jazz Love

This is a gorgeous, soothingly eclectic album in terms of its internal shifts, exemplified in seventh track What Is Inside-Himeros which begins so gently with Paolo Fresu on calmly paced horn, Omar Sosa interspersing with piano, and the somnambulant strains of Nico Ciricugno on viola. Then the pulsing beats join in, and Fresu injects pace with his Miles-esgue muted horn riffs, and Sosa layers keyboard effects across this, Piero Savatori adding deeper cello as the panorama expands.

Opener Teardrops is another plaintive soundscape, Fresu joined in an echo of his warm notes and the sung Arabic lyrics by Natacha Atlas. This track suspires throughout, ripples of echoing sound underscoring the soft pulses of vocal, keyboards and restrained effects providing other platforms. Next Sensuousness is just that, the string foregrounding conveying classical strains within the jazz frame. It really is beautiful.

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