Thursday, 10 November 2016

Rachael Yamagata - Tightrope Walker, album review

Gratefully Complex

This is an excellent album of songs made engaging by building production in each – it could be guitar rhythm riffs, horn bursts, electronic breaths and pulses, blues and jazz, dissonant sound [but never just noise] and Yamagata’s vocal always there thrust in the centre. Take Let Me Be Your Girl that begins with a sassed guitar and sultry vocal, drums on simple but effective rhythm, and then that build which is here [and which reminded me to write it in] those blasts of horn and vocal harmonies being added to the melody. Next, just for example, Break Apart is a much more brooding affair, an elegant elongated drift across its expanse. The opening title track is a Latin jazz, guitar off-kilter and percussive rich, complex song. Second Nobody has some great rock guitar work. Third EZ Target begins with banjo. Not pop/easy listening/stupid staccato vocal and so, so much better for this.

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