Monday, 28 November 2016

Stone Machine - Rock Ain't Dead, album review

Legion of Riffing Rockers

I know a reviewer/writer should avoid falling prey to omphaloskepsis, but I do occasionally check out what I have previously said about bands, and I have to say, in the enthusing vernacular of the day, I think I 'nail/smashed it' when hitherto describing Stone Machine as producing ….trousers-driven rock. Tight fitting, and you can read the rest of my assessments here.

This 2014 release – I always seem to be a little behind with them, not that it matters – is more of the same from these honorary contemporary members of LORR. It is a genuine fusion of AC/DC, Free, Led Zep and, interestingly, similar to the fine appropriations of the same by a band like The Answer until their latest, reviewed here, that seems to have taken a tangent.

It’s all here: the chugger Sad to Say; the acoustic, plaintive ballad Mr Blues [a suitably tilted platitude], and pretty damn fine; a slide-sassy Sky’s Gonna Cry; the pump and pomp of the title track; stereo guitar shifts across speakers and a great riff with Sugar Mama; even more sublime riffing on Black Moon Creepin’ [with some Black S in there too with its blues], and closer Angels and Devils that reminds of Black Crowes at their generic LORR best.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Stone Machine!
    I think you nailed it!