Thursday, 13 December 2012

Jeff Beck and Joss Stone, 13th December, 2012, Mama Stone's, Exeter

I Don't Normally Like Capitalisation, But.....


Some Awe is all awed-out.

Review of gig tomorrow.

[I took 42 pictures and video snippets and all the pictures are shite! Apart from Jeff's guitars taken at end. When I used the flash. Really must get to grips with this camera. But who fucking cares? JEFF BECK!]


  1. Ps am also impressed that you use the word "shite". It has so much more impact with an "E"...

  2. Good evening ! may I ask you if you're going to share your videos ? I have been lucky enough to be there this night at Mama Stones. I listened carefully the magical music.
    So no pictures and no video ! I know I'm already very lucky but I would like to live this moment again ... I found two videos on youtube but if you've got some more : please ! :)

  3. Hello Nathalie - yes we were lucky to be there! Firstly, what videos I did take were literally snippets - about 30 seconds each. Like you, I don't understand how people can be at a concert and take videos rather than just watch [as you did] BUT I couldn't resist trying to capture some memories, it being so special an occasion. Secondly, they're not brilliant, but more important, I don't know how to upload to this site for people to view, but I will see if someone can tell me how. Finally, like you I hoped someone with a better camera and a willingness to film whole songs would post on YouTube - there were plenty of people in front of me doing this! Thank you for stopping by.

    1. Good Evening "Some Awe". I'm so touched to read your answer to my comment on your blog.
      It's great to talk to someone who shared the same "magical moment".
      I'm Jeff Beck fan for a long time. I attended a lot of his concerts. I came specially from France to see/listen to him last week.

      I also found that Joss Stone was such a great singer (what a voice !) and all Musicians were fantastic.

      I appreciate to read that we share the same "problem" : how is it possible to do as the other do : listening Music, while taking pictures, while filming etc.... Impossible for us, Lol !

      As you can read I'm not speaking very well English. Nevertheless I will write to Mama Stones because I was at the left of stage and saw that they had filmed all the gig.
      If they answer me, I will keep you informed of course.

      Thank you in advance to see how to share your short videos ; 30 seconds can be "gold" for us !.. Yes I'm crazy ! Crazy of Music and Musicians. I read some names of Musicians in your blog that I appreciate : Neil Young, Ravi Shankar for example. I promise to take time to read your blog and leave some comments (but need time).

      I give you my mail adress :

      I've got some pictures of the concert (but unfortunately very bad !). I do not know how to share them with you (I think it is not possible directly on your blog).


      PS : Did you watch the two videos on youtube ("little wing" and "cry the river" They are great).

      Have a good evening and hope we will succeed to get some good pictures and videos of this amazing and precious time in Exeter.


    2. Hello Nathalie - I think your English is excellent. And what a long way to come to see Jeff Beck: I'm impressed you've seen him a few times. I have posted one of the videos you mentioned, 'Little Wing' - I didn't know it existed so thank you for that. Perhaps there will be more, and maybe I'll get my snippets online one day. I hope you enjoy the coming Festivities!

  4. Good Morning,
    Thank you for your reply.
    Yes I saw several times Jeff, when he came to play in Paris. I saw him also in Germany and twice in London (at the Royal Albert Hall, and last month at the O2 Arena with the Stones..)
    I think you like the Rolling Stones too.. Music is a big Family :)
    I'll keep you informed if i find a way to get more videos of Mama Stones concert. But what I can already tell you, if you are looking for some pictures, I found the website of the Photograph John Bailey. He was on Stage so he took good pictures.
    I wish you an Happy Christmas in advance.