Sunday, 17 March 2013

Alvin Lee - Let It Rock

Jam Rock

Still listening to Alvin Lee, his death amongst a clutch of others of his generation making an impact.

Solo Lee is a much gentler all-round experience compared with Ten Years After, and as many music commentators observe, leaving behind the TYA pulsing core of Leo Lyons and Ric Lee explains a lot of that shift. This fine 1978 album therefore exemplifies the warm embers of bluesrock rather than its conflagration, though title track Let It Rock is a classic boogie offering. Elsewhere, acoustic Little Boy, with harmonica, is a fine song, and Downhill Lady Racer chugs nicely with slide guitar. Penultimate song on the original vinyl release Time to Meditate is a beautiful song with a pretty backing chorus, and then an excellent guitar solo that doesn’t scorch but does bristle.

The cd version contains two bonus guitar gems though, the funky instrumentals Snake Jam and Break Jam - Lee’s speed and precision distinctive on both, especially the latter diamond.

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