Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Root Canal

Apart from one brief anticipation of pain
I am wonderfully numbed, the only
discomfort in the sustained large O I am
made to make whilst the drool and drilled
detritus is immediately and cleanly vacuumed
away. All I can do is count the exams I’d
have to mark to match the dentist’s fee - and
going at a steady pace it’s about three days.

Blood on the papers, screaming between the
lines, journeys to the roots of memory: rewarding
their pain is a channel to pleasures, one that
marked in red is like finding the large X to
signal where I have discovered treasures, their
route to a dentist’s wage or teacher’s imagination.


  1. Thank you. Certainly bloody....

  2. Ha ha! They have to give me very strong drugs when I have treatment, as I'm such a wuss, but I have to admit it makes for quite a pleasant few hours before they wear off!!!