Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fire! with Oren Ambarchi: In the Mouth – A Hand


Pandemonium. Absolutely fucking beautiful musical pandemonium - or words to that upshot get as near as I can in prose to the effects-driven but essentially Gustafsson’s tenor saxophone sonic assault on all around and about. The Fire! trio is joined this time by Australian guitarist Oren Ambarchi who on opening track A Man Who Might Have Been Screaming contributes to the litotes of that title with the screaming mayhem of his guitar work. At two thirds of the near twenty minutes of this musical maelstrom, it is a significant part of the aural attack.

In the lovely masochism of listening to this band - in whatever formation [and Gustaffson in Thing too] - the senses are further shredded by the fuzz, persistent cymbal shrill, organ swirls, other electrical distortions and the butchered pig-squeals a la saxophone of second And The Stories Will Flood Your Satisfaction (With Terror), where ne’er a truer imperative and parenthetic qualifier were expressed as a title. Twenty three minutes of horror to arouse.

Third He Wants To Sleep In A Dream (He Keeps In His Head), Gustaffson’s sax [or it could be Ambarchie’s guitar: the noises do merge in tone and effects, as well as literally] sounds like a monster model airplane flying uncontrollably around the other players until it transforms unto an industrial amalgam of fuzzed sounds.

Closer and fourth track I Am Sucking For A Bruise is a slowed humming drawl like withdrawing from the trip that has preceded it: musical niacin for those who can’t take more of the onslaught of the first three explosions.

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