Monday, 18 March 2013

Feeding People - Island Universe


Retro-rock has such a good sound to it – both musically, obviously, but also as a compound word. With the resurgence [the prefix re is so useful too] of garage music, that too needs an effective compound delivery, but I can’t get an alliterative fix on this. I can echo the syllables and sound with resurge-garage, but that is too clumsy. I thought of gastro-garage in the sense of repeating/gastroenteritis, but that connotes a rather unsavoury mix to say the least. Grunge-garage might encapsulate the ‘new’ sound, if that hasn’t already been appropriated. I’ll keep working on it.

I’ve been listening to a fair bit of nu-garage of late and there’s appropriately raucous stuff out there.

Listening to Feeding People’s latest Island Universe I am most struck by the promise of Jessie Jones’ vocal, though I particularly like this on opener Silent Violent which begins as a slow guitar-plucked solo that segues into punk and then back to psyche-echo, and on seventh track The Cat Song (Secrets of Luna) which is more baroque pop than garage. This says more about my rock leanings and seduction by melody frailty than anything else. Eighth track Inside Voice is a garage standard where the multi-tracked vocal, rampant guitar and cymbal-heavy drums crash their authenticity, but I long for a little more variety. But then it wouldn’t be garage, however it was prefixed. 

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