Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sena Ehrhardt - All In

Genuinely Nailed

If Clapton is going to move increasingly to lounge blues/standards [latest release Old Sock which I might review – don’t get me entirely wrong: his cover of Still Got The Blues is beautiful, but elsewhere.....] then the young pretenders are going to usurp the mantle.

Not that Sena Ehrhardt plays blues guitar, but father Ed and member of the band does. He’s not the virtuoso of Clapton, but the blues bloods his veins. As reviewed almost exactly a year ago with then release Leave The Lights On, this is a tight band with Sena singing – I’ll use again the phrase employed then – with ‘sass and suss’. This album is an encore of pure and simple blues, with my early favourite the slow and sultry Cold Cold Feeling, Ed’s guitar emoting superbly; Sena emanating. Storm’s Coming is another slowish chugger, but there’s plenty of umph in the familial vocal and guitar combination. For outright rockblues, there’s a track like Man Up. This is a consistently solid album from a band and singer who – as all the inarticulate judges on ‘singing’ shows invariably intone – nail it!

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