Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Bonerama - Plays Zeppelin


You either write a lot about just how good this is, or go for the shorthand of Horns Blow Led Zep or Big Brass Blasts Led Zep or Led Zeppelin Hornified Huge

or you get the Big Picture.

And just to say: hornified gets autocorrected to horrified which is inaccurate but also accurate in one brilliantly positive sense.

The band is made up of Mark Mullins on trombone, electric trombone and lead vocals; Craig Klein on trombone and lead vocals; Greg Hicks on trombone and vocals; Bert Cotton on guitar; Matt Perrine on sousaphone and electric bass, and Walt Lundy on drums and vocals.

And effects.

Brass riffs and effects.

Some fine rock vocal too.

All great. Misty Mountain Hop is a stonker. Funk of The Crunge!

Closing track When the Levee Breaks begins with a fuzzed/distorted primal announcement and then transmutes to a New Orleans blues procession, the horns rising and falling like a tide waiting to break over uncertain walls – when it does, it is a horn jamboree, a musical celebration to perhaps assuage a turbulent pain of the past.

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