Wednesday, 8 May 2019

The Claypool Lennon Delirium - South of Reality, album review

Shoehorned into the Psychedelic Trope

This is a self-fulfilling partnership, Claypool's bass driving throughout - popping and dancing as well - with Lennon providing those Beatles-esque vocals/melodies he has every right to continue in their lineage. It is psychedelic in so many cliched ways, and in those ways that cliche is precisely what we want - assuming you have come to this for its psychedelia and prog-rock immersions. Take Amethyst Realm, a title shoehorned into its trope, and the smoothly ruminating bass line controls from the start, and then the silky harmonies caress soon into the song. There is echo and siren and synth as sounds with some pacey interjections - the lyrics spacey too though I haven't communed inside their messages quite yet, communing instead with its King Crimson-esque instrumental out.

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