Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Seba Kaapstad - Thina, album review

Smooth & Smooth

This is a collage of smooth jazz and hip hop and smooth R&B and soul and smooth smooth – you get the feel: melodic soundscapes driven sometimes by off-centre rhythms and dissonant chord interchanges that merge with pop vocal and layered vocal and sampled vocal and echoed vocal and most often sweetly beautiful vocal from Zoe Modiga, this complemented by the singing of Ndumiso Manana. There are ‘orchestral’ additions like the violin by Sophie Schuster and violoncello by Felix Brade on the gorgeous track Don’t.

Described on their Bandcamp page as ‘a multi-national neo-soul quartet comprised of a South African, a Swazi, and two Germans’, further evocations of mellowness and experimentation and polyrhythms are apt deeper textures to what I have already described. The vocals of Manana and Modiga on Dezaster glide along and within synthesised and programmed beats/rhythms in a perfect amalgam of the natural and the electronic.

Welcome to this wonderful music life.

Treat yourself to some peaceful ease as well as perfect upbeat grooves by listening and purchasing here.

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