Sunday, 26 May 2019

Gin Lady - Tall Sun Crooked Moon, album review


A Swedish band presenting the most authentic time-warp back to 60s/70s American west-coast harmony rock: opener Everyone is Love lyrically rooted to this musical philosophy. The written assertion may not have been realised [well, in Trumpland, most definitely not] but the echo of Doobies, Outlaws, CSN&Y et al certainly has and is.

Second track Sweet Country Livin’ doesn’t try to conceal its other roots with wording and contraction, and we are on the same broad road, here more Matthews Southern Comfort, but you get the trajectory. With third The Darkest Days of All Time we are certain of our listening trajectory. Fifth Gentle Bird reminds how hints of the blues are also always a part of this lineage, here actually having in its harmonised form and piano thumped chorus a differing intimation of the Beatles. You continue to get the gist.

Generic and formulaic, yes, but then that is why you would be listening.

Hear and buy at the band's Bandcamp page.

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