Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Both Buffleheads

[in celebration of the great NFL's start to the season]


Bufflehead the quarterback
with a prosthetic noggin
taxis on the runway of his own travail.

He is prodigal in rosy dreams,
brinkmanship on a tramway to the
eulogy of his own verdict.

Ours shouts different:
Bufflehead is seltzer in a sequel
fizzing through its self-taxonomy.


Awesome touchdown for
Bufflehead - what devious
metamorphosis caused his

evolution? A pupal slog
from singe to fire,
this is Bufflehead’s vault over

wilt on wilt and jog into
awesomeness, his
devious manumission.


  1. Some awesome TD's already this season. I can't believe that in America's number 1 sport the season only runs for 5 months and for a maximum of 20 matches! Whereas football in England runs 10 months of the year (and more if there's a world cup or euro's in the summer), and the top teams play 55-65 matches.

  2. It's presumably got a lot to do with TV and commercials: they have to fit around the basketball then baseball seasons. Anyway, the two Manchester clubs are making the running here this year - it's actually exciting in anticipation of any game. I'll watch the weekend Everton game because of my anticpation that Man C will be thrilling. You must be delighted [though Fergy will prevail....]