Monday, 19 September 2011

Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs - Alone In This Together

Pearl Jam Seal of Approval

Another slice from the luxury loaf of ever-increasing americana/country rock bands out there, baked with heartfelt feeling and the added seeds of skilled songwriting and musicianship. Title track Alone In This Together is propelled after its balladslow opening by guest Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready, and apparently the rest of the band are fans along with other musical luminaries [she was 'discovered' busking outside a cafe in Ellensburg Washington at age 16].

Star Anna's vocal rasp makes an interesting comparison with Joss Stone in that it has the same depth but without the melodrama and unnecessary vocal pyrotechnics still used by the latter. Anna's voice is often softened by gentle harmony too [not necessary, just providing variety], and band The Laughing Dogs provide rock solid support and a fine alt country platform for these honest sounding and unpretentious songs. An early favourite is Gold and Silver.

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