Monday, 5 September 2011

English Holiday

How the holiday is not because of
weather – obviously – but also an echo of the
previous year and the insidiousness of a
cycle with expectations. It should be this
predictable but one lives in the optimism of
planning and need, those preoccupations
filling time on a regular basis. Rain is as
relentless as the grey, and even occasional
sunshine only illuminates the coming again,
like a Greek chorus, repeating.
There are those besting it in preparedness
and stoicism, lips stiffened by congenital
uppers, but I have downed tools
refusing to work on this fantasy.


  1. This is so true-especially the "optimism of planning and need". It articulates very well something I was trying to explain recently. Keep writing!

  2. cheers. Many of these are not recent, but one on English weather - as 'light' as the subject matter is - never dates....