Sunday, 11 September 2011


Is schizophrenia an audible
precaution in a capricious
mire of escaping, quiet suicide?

It is leverage, like a cowboy or
gladiator fighting similar feuds:
joint conferees of each dire streak.

Go figure such condensable apparatus
in a precautionary tale, the quandary
of being a Magi or Morairty.


  1. Very compelling, but incredibly complex, as is your earlier one entitled "Love". I'd be interested to know what was the inspiration behind both of these.

  2. Yes, complex! This and 'Love' [and others to follow] are more found 'spam' poems, poems crafted from astonishingly literate spam I received for a brief period of a few months some time ago. Some were published in 'Found In Dissonance' by Smallminded Press.

    I crafted these using a dictionary and you need one to read! They challenge the notion of meaning in many obvious ways: that it shifts; that it is made by the reader; that there is none.

    I hope they complement my more 'traditional' sonnets and reflect my long-standing interest in experimental writing.

  3. I thought they were part of the spam "collection", some of which you gave me to read. I love the way they challenge the reader and actually, although a dictionary would, in many ways, help with the actual meaning, I rather enjoy trying to make meaning without one initially. Keep experimenting!