Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Say aloha to the legacy of a congenial
athlete who fondly whipped a councilwoman (a buffoon,
wrapped up as dapper as a man in China).

This congenial destiny.
How to wrap up the anniversary of such descent?
A graven image: athlete on lithium –

feed, toss, hit.
Congenially dapper?
It involves woe.


  1. I don't know how to just leave a general comment, so i'm sorry this has nothing to do with the above poem.

    I just wondered what you thought of Black Country Communion? I'm in love with both their albums. If they'd been released in the mid 70's they'd be massive.

  2. Comments anywhere gratefully received.

    Yes, like both and agree they'd have been big in the 70s. In that respect nothing new, but the 'old' stuff they do is excellent. Like The Answer: not original but consummately done. Older rockers like me love this timeless seam of similar. I've said before, the 80s passed me by, but imagine my joy when in 89 the Black Crowes appeared, then 1990 Temple of the Dog, both playing basic loud rock - finally got the 70s back!! Early Pearl Jam then Alice in Chains, though more 'grunge' [I guess] kept me fed too.

  3. Yeah, grunge gets written about as if it were a 'punk' movement, a new broom after all the excesses of 80's rock and metal (of which i shamelessly love much.), but it was so clearly influenced by the likes of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple that it was hardly original! BCC just sound so 'classic' to me, and they were amazing at High Voltage, but a full tour seems unlikely, which is a shame.

    The current Whitesnake album 'Forevermore,' and in particular the epic title track, pushes the right buttons for me as well.

  4. I wrote about this a while back: you've got Rival Sons also 'reclaiming' the past, which is OK, but I prefer the Whitesnack recent release - not that I was ever a huge fan - as well as Nazareth. These originals still have the class! 80s rock also passed me by for no reason other than I probably just stubbornly stuck wiith what I knew and liked. It's great you've got so much out there to enjoy now.