Thursday, 15 September 2011

Darondo: Listen to My Song - Music City Sessions

A Little Bit Brown And A Little Bit Green And A Whole Lotta Funk'n'Soul

Entirely new to me, this is a collection of funked-up songs recorded between 1973-74 by William 'Dorando' Pulliam from Oakland California and a San Francisco Bay Area music 'legend', so I've learned something in listening to this. The album is released on the back of a rediscovery and renaissance for Darondo, which has, apparently, led to live shows across the States as well as airplay of his songs on radio and in various TV programmes.

He has a unique voice - quite raw - and it is a cross between James Brown and Al Green [very Green at times], and what I particularly like are some of the occasional pounding bass lines and the unexpected harmonica a la Canned Heat. One great track from many of the 16 is Get Up Off Your Butt, and listening to this album that's what you're likely to do. Get down [ironically]. Right on.

That's me in the funk-groove.

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