Saturday, 17 September 2011

Lydia Loveless - Indestructible Machine

Great Pipes On The Country Strip

Here's New Country with plenty of rock and rascal feminity. Lydia Loveless has the pipes to propel her dragster vocals along the guarter mile with rootsy wheel spin and speed. It isn't a raucous voice, but it sure has confidence and clarity. Only 21, she sings with honest experience about drinking and partying and not changing her ways. There's countryrock swagger on opener Bad Way To Go as well as a Clinesque power and beauty on the traditional sounding How Many Women. There's also wit in track Steve Earle which is about being stalked by a man claiming to be the famous outlaw singer.  Closer Crazy is a beautiful track with fiddle finessing the sad and confessional lyrics. Every song is strong, but the voice is stronger on this second release and Loveless is definitely someone to continue following as it's bound to continue being this compelling: just listen to Can't Change Me. Get yourself a beer and enjoy the racing.

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