Thursday, 29 December 2011

Denny King & the B.O. Boogie Band - Evil Wind is Blowing [1972]

Beefed Up

Speaking of impressions, Denny King does a mean Captain Beefheart, but he does have two members of the Magic Band performing on this album: Alex St Claire and Doug Moon, guitar and harmonica respectively, and I suppose that makes it a respectful copycatting. This is basic boogie and blues, and damn fine for that, and the other piece of impressionism - as I'm on a thematic roll at the moment - is how second track Bottle Blues has a comic dimension when the Beefheart growl turns occasionally to Vic Reeves' pub singing gibberish. Surreal.  Boogie Man is getdown and delightfully dirty, and Lucille has the vocal graveldrag of Jim 'Dandy' Mangrum, with the boast that it's sung better than Little Richard. Surly.

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