Sunday, 11 December 2011

Surprise Songs

Rebecca Ferguson - Heaven

Here's one for the music snobs to shove up their tight prejudices: an ex X-Factor participant, coming second to the anonymous Matt Cardle last year, but having a classy and classic soulful voice. I wasn't actually surprised that all of the songs on this album are fine ones having read a range of positive reviews from people whose opinion I trust. Because I'm listening to Shoulder To Shoulder as I write this that's the one I'll commend. This is a natural voice - none of that affected contemporary female vocal vernacular that makes it sound like a crap Bronx inflection with gurgling babyvowels.


  1. shocked.. but glad to hear that you like her voice. She really is a talent. Loving the album myself..

  2. You're not the first - to be shocked! My musical tastes are eclectic, and I like what I like. Thanks for stopping by.