Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cookin' Mama - New Day [1972]

Cookin' The Cs

This is more like it. And they look more like it, don't they? There's still a slight naivety to the songwriting and performance/vocals [as a relative unknown - not that this was my original cruise through the Cs, but it has continued as such...], but it does have some actual cookin' in the rockin'. There's more of the West Coast/SF sound here too - think QMS, Moby Grape, It's A Beautiful Day - and the guitar work is sparkling at time. Opener is title track New Day and a jazzy rock instrumental. Third Dice of Life has some funky bass, organ and brass with sassy lead vocal and sweet harmonising. This is actually a very strong track: just into the sax solo as I write. Fourth Out The Door has more brass and it reminds of English bands like If. I'd forgotten how superb this is - female and male vocals dancing a little clumsily but engagingly together. A rousing, lively horn and guitar track. Fifth I Don't Feel No Fear is a straightforward pop-blues. Sixth Little Children is the requisite sweet folk number with dreamy guitar and a more acoustic style, singing about the little children and love. This is the hippie bit so far out; again, great harmonies that lead into a more assertive rock climax before returning to close on the acoustic strums.

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