Saturday, 5 December 2015

Atlantis - Rock Heavies, album review

Rumpf Rock Funk

This is a shortish compilation album of the German band's work, but is most notable for the superb vocal of Inga Rumpf who had previously been the most notable member of another fine band Frumpy.

Her singing is in the gritty, gutsy female vein, and she is one of the best. Most of the tracks on this compilation are actually a rock funk, though her work is often described as prog rock, and opener on this collection Get on Board [the title of the band's 1975 album] has a west coast sound to it. Funkier numbers here are Brother and Mr Bigshot, whilst Son of a Bitch's Son returns to more of that west coast rock. The 7+ minutes of Days of Giving combines the two, with heavy organ pushing to rock, and the guitar and bass rhythms reminding occasionally of a 70s blaxploitation score. Prog rock does get a cameo in the excellent The Captain and the Ship before the album closes on a straight rock blues Rock 'n' Roll Preacher.

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