Monday, 7 December 2015

Black Casino And The Ghost - Until The Water Runs Clear, album review

Alternative Approaches

An ‘alternative’ band based in London, there is a current of psychedelia that pulses through its core, most notably and Jefferson Airplane-esque on fifth song Sherry where the vocal of Elisa Zoot plays a large part in that echo. Otherwise, that pulse beats in other ways as in Soul Mall where the psyche-pop with organ and vocal swirls provide the musical reminiscence.

A slower acoustic number is eighth Tarjetores, a brooding and building song about modern slavery, and opener The Pool also begins with acoustic guitar, Zoot with her this time Nico vocal foregrounded, and a vocal chorus with drum and tambourine beats that in a sense mislead/tease with the apparent musical direction, but actually demonstrates the full array of approach on the album, second track Age of Contagion following with pounding bass and Zoot’s shouting vocals at the other end of her engaging range.

Bitter Beast is a pretty pop-vocal about betrayal, so irony informs other aspects of this band’s clear maturity; Hoochie Choochie Lover wears its rock ‘n’ roll on a another popish sleeve, playfully; Cassiopea is another acoustic guitar, Zoot-led tune, angelic choir enveloping the singing with more Hawaiian-ish guitar [there was some in an earlier track], and closer Solar System is a brief but electronic-backwashed fragment of more Zoot foregrounding.

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