Thursday, 10 December 2015

Nebraska 42: Waylon Jennings in Omaha, 1979

Released on Black Friday Record Store Day on 27th November, this live recording from Omaha in 1979 captures Jennings at his outlaw best, leading off with the brash irony and apt vernacular of Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out of Hand. It's a great gig, and second track Are You Ready for the Country, the Neil Young song and title of Jennings' solo album of 1976, is another gem. Amongst the rowdiness there is also the sweet ballad Come With Me.

This is a brief mention for my 'Nebraska' sequence, and having mentioned Jennings before in this here, it is surprising that he missed the chance of performing Omaha whilst in Omaha in '79. Always the outlaw....


  1. The photos you've used in both your Waylon Jennings related posts, were they taken in Omaha at the 1979 concert? Thanx!

  2. What I should have said instead...

    Were EITHER of the two photos actually from that concert? Thanx. :-)

    1. When I searched for an image, the page for the actual photo here said it was WJ performing onstage in Omaha, but I have no way of verifying. Hope this helps.