Saturday, 19 December 2015

Tony, Caro and John - All On The First Day [1972], album review

Superbly Sweet Sounds of '72

This is a delightful album recorded in 1972 - though only widely circulated beyond its original pressing of 100 copies over 30 years later - from the mock-live and sing-along irony of Don’t Sing This Song to the hauntingly beautiful There Are No Greater Heroes.

Sounding remarkably similar to the Incredible String Band, mainly because of the vocal of Tony Doré, there are also elements of heavy rock through the additional guitar, often spaced-out or wah-wah, as well as occasional bursts of electronic sound, or Jew’s harp as core instrument. The title track is another gorgeous song, and this has a rockfish guitar played throughout as well as the vocal harmonies that inform the whole and which here are sweetly West Coast.

Eclipse of the Moon is a jaunty, clever folk song; Meg II, with naïve violin, sounds the most like ISB, and pleasingly so [great bass playing throughout, and punctuated with psychedelic wah wah guitar]; Snugglyug has excellent jazzed-up acoustic guitar and bass playing, and Apocalypso is a pop-psyche song that is playful with the requisite hippie concerns of the day.

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