Sunday, 6 December 2015

Jess and the Ancient Ones - 2nd Psychedelic Coming: the Aquarius Tapes, album review

Dark Driscollishness

More Nordic retro-psychedelia [I was going to write Scandinavian, falling into familiarity, but read something online where a Finn said Finland was not Scandinavian, so I may have made this error before....], and now it should be clear that Jess and the Ancient Ones is a Finnish band playing heavy rock psychedelia with plenty of wah-wah and similar - occasional garage rhythms - and as one would reasonably expect Jess is the leading contributor reminding at many times of Julie Driscoll. In Levitating Secret Dreams is a good example of her soaring Driscoll-esque vocals, and following fourth track The Equinox Death Trip exemplifies both in its title and sound the occult-ish proclivities of this psychedelic avenue, opening track Samhain - a pagan calendar date for the Feast of the Dead - and closer Goodbye To Virgin Grounds Forever pretty much hammering home the nail in that genre-coffin. The fact Wolves Inside My Head begins with the following Charles Manson quote
it seems a shame to have to sneak to get to the truth.To make the truth such a dirty old nasty thing.You gotta sneak to get to the truth, the truth is condemned.The truth is in the gas chamber.The truth has been in your stockyards.Your slaughterhouses.The truth has been in your reservations, building your railroads, emtying your garbage.The truth is in your ghettos.In your jails.In your young love,not in your courts or congress where the old set judgement on the young.What the hell do the old know about the young?They put a picture of old George on the dollar and tell you that he's your father, worship him

 may signal a disturbing route into the darkness, but overall it is good [if I can use that term] stuff.

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