Monday, 7 December 2015

Jay Jesse Johnson - Set The Blues On Fire, album review

Guitar Flow

This is pro chew-em-up and spit-em-out bluesrock and boogie from Indiana axeman Johnson where he sets the blues on fire just like it says on the title track. And he has a great seasoned voice. You know what you're getting with this kind of allround excellence, and you get it. In addition to the fine guitar riffs and rips there are smooth blues ballads like Since My Baby's Gone and Midnight Train with sweet solos. That's only the first six tracks.

Afterwards, Voodoo Woman begins with some virtuoso acoustic playing and then turns to more electric electricity; Don't Mess With Baby pumps some bass and bluster within the riffs; If I Knew Then is a slice of West Coast Rock; Ace in the Hole invokes the legacy of Hendrix, and closer Rio De Los Suenos is a genuine river of guitar dreams in its fluid instrumental meandering.

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