Thursday, 24 December 2015

Cloud 10 featuring Sonja Kristina - Harmonics of Love, album review

10km [6.2 miles]

I’m going to say it – why not – even if it has been written before, never a shirker from cliché and that probability: it is like being on cloud nine listening to Cloud 10.

There. Not struck down by anything from any cloud. Risk risked and survived.

Simply, because it is Sonja Kristina. Not surprisingly, this is more in her solo Songs from the Acid Folk vein, but there is the unmistakable echo of Curved Air, all always intertwined. That ‘echo’ of violin is, however, provided by long-time collaborator and current CA band member Paul Sax, not Darryl Way. There are New Age synth sounds by Robert Norton, as well as [tautology alert] bird calls in the atmospheric mix Divine Cloud Space/Birdsong/Elfin Boy, the latter snippet in that song-trilogy a beautiful reflection of Kristina’s vocal prowess, soothed by Sax violin. The Glastonbury Dawn chant that follows this, as well as the later Chant/Voices, remind us of the other lineage from which this gorgeous music continued to evolve post-Curved Air.

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