Thursday, 24 December 2015

Mask - Heavy Petal (The Tenebrous Odyssey of Jack and Virginia), album review

Comfort Stoned

This 2005 album with Sonja Kristina is a merging of ambient instrumentation and the always exquisite vocal of Kristina, this latter slowly introduced through the three opening tracks until she is singing fully and gorgeously on fourth Fall So Hard, written by Sonja and producer/multi-instrumentalist Marvin Ayres. This is followed with Healing Senses by more sweeping soundscapes and a vocal swathe across these, the musical therapy fully realised. Sixth Blue Words is another beautifully sung massage for the senses, and this seems to by the purpose of the Mask amalgam. After this, tribal percussion leads off Shelter Skelter just ahead of the electronics, and track ten Lambent Spire is a hypnotic coalescence of Ayres’ cello and Kristina’s singing. These mergings as well as moves between instrumental panoramas and more song-based tracks collectively produce a calming, aural salve.

Sonja and Marvin

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