Monday, 27 November 2017

Stone Free: A Tribute to Jime Hendrix [Various Artists] - an appreciation

Cover Concerns

Because I have been compiling a Hendrix 'covered' for the car, prompted by two JH 'jazz' collections I have been listening to, and because I have today listened and copied to the collection from this excellent album of Hendrix covers where there isn't a single bad track - and there are some very bad Hendrix covers out there. And because he was born on his day in 1942.

Allmusic has described it as a confused album with some tracks predictably rote. Just another opinion, but I don't see how it is 'confused'. It is on a number of occasions 'rote' but in many ways I don't want a cover to stray too far, and I think these more 'predictable' versions are successful in as much as they re-present the excellence of the original. Semantics? I know it sounds like it, but that's not the case for me. That said, when I re-read my selection of favs I realised I have picked those which have a distinctive take...

Yes, Hendrix is best for Hendrix, but as a tribute album, Stone Free is I think the finest and I remember when it first came out in 1993 how much I enjoyed then, as now.

Contents with an asterisk for my personal favourites, though I'll repeat I like them all:

01. Purple Haze - The Cure *
02. Stone Free - Eric Clapton
03. Spanish Castle Magic - Spin Doctors
04. Red House - Buddy Guy
05. Hey Joe - Body Count
06. Manic Depression - Seal and Jeff Beck
07. Fire - Nigel Kennedy *
08. Bold as Love - Pretenders
09. You Got Me Floatin' - P.M. Dawn *
10. I Don't Live Today - Slash, Paul Rodgers and Band of Gypsies
11. Are You Experienced? - Belly
12. Crosstown Traffic - Living Colour
13. Third Stone from the Sun - Pat Metheny *
14. Hey Baby (Land of the New Rising Sun) - M.A.C.C.*

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