Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bonnie Bramlett - I'm Still the Same

Bonnie's interlude

For what it will be worth, I am preparing myself to write about the 'state' of music [as if that is possible] and I have a premise - a ruse really - that will use Country music as a template for judgement and I signalled this idea in my previous post. To write this preamble now, before the piece itself, and in addition to that recent post, would seem silly overkill, but there is a reason.

I'm obviously typing my offerings at the computer and as I do so I listen to music through the PC. I do this using Windows Media Player which has to be the most obnoxious software program for this simple task. It takes forever to actually play selected tracks, it slows down the whole computer, and causes all sorts of other problems, many affecting the world at large I am sure.

But this delay in playing is existential. I have no idea when the first song will start. And when it does it is always a surprise, catching me out, especially if I have turned the volume on too loud - or even disorienting me if I have gone into another room, forgetting I have even selected an album to play, and I'll suddenly hear these strange sounds emanating from somewhere else in the house.

How wonderful tonight, and full of irony in anticipation of being critical of the 'state' of music, when Bonnie Bramlet's amazing voice suddenly begins: deep and full and pure pure pure. This is a jazz album in essence, with R&B obviously, and mainly slow and soothing songs. It is beautiful and uplifting. And in that WMP tease of its actual playing, what a glorious surprise and affirmation of the awe that does exist with some artists and their performances.

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