Friday, 9 August 2013

Cow Puckered Up For A Round Of Applause

Your back could be turned, or you are just rounding
a corner of the field, or quietly drawing wet patterns
against the other side of a tree, or maybe even bent
down to tie a bootlace - when in that moment of rapturous
applause there is an instant of surprise and doubt
considering where you are but also the immediacy of
seeing this dark green fall into its growing and rounded
moonscape which suggests for the first time ever as a
visual learner what Plato might have meant when
philosophising how the form of a cow has more reality
than this cascade of manure which had deceived by
sounding like approbation rather than the pile upon
pile of a faecal ovation. This or Russell’s dictum on what
we feel is the precarious real, not that I’ll put a hand in it.


  1. Love this-especially the marvellous visual of the 'applauding' cow and the olfactory assault of its 'ovation'. Funny and clever, of course.

  2. Loving it. Reminds me of some of norman maccaig. Similar humour.

    1. Good of you to drop by Al, and to search this out. A most flattering comparison, and I certainly thank you for the thoughtfulness.