Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ian McNabb - Eclectic Warrior

More Of The Same, Thankfully

Eclectic Warrior is a welcome return to the guitar heavy sound of McNabb’s 1994 standout album Head Like a Rock [reviewed here], sans this time the occasional assistance of Crazy Horse but retaining their sound. The opening two tracks on this new album simply rock out the heaviness, whilst third They Couldn’t Hear the Music harks back most closely to that ’94 sound in its more melodic offering. Next My Life to Live Again sustains this slower pace and sweetness, the fuzzed guitar a la Young and CH providing the backdrop. But if that’s too genteel for you, fifth [I Just Wanna] Rock N Roll My Life Away picks up the pounding riff and adds some soloing. The whole album spins around this axis, heavyish to balladry, and penultimate track Memory Be Good To Me, Memory Come Back To Me embraces both and is most Neil Youngish in the way the languid but again fuzzed guitar work is beautifully psychedelic in its sprawl. Closer Right On Time is similar yet adds some soaring harmonies.

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