Sunday, 4 August 2013

Paul Young - Remixes and Rarities


As I have so often bitched and moaned, the 80s musically passed me by or brushed me lightly to a shiver and cringe. It even corrupted proper artists/musicians during its dull decade, like John Martyn, with synth and drum machine orchestrations that are garish and ludicrous and laughable.

But I have admitted – I think – my occasional fondnesses, for example Spandau Ballet, and there must be a few others. And now I’m going to out my 80s liking for Paul Young, especially this double cd with its remixes that by and large provide great electronic underpinnings upon which Young’s wonderful soul vocals gain extra sonic strength. Songs like Every Time You Go Away, Wonderland, Come Back and Stay, and Wherever I Lay My Hat are superb in their innate crafting, but these remixes enhance this to funky and sassy extroversions. A long-standing favourite is the stonking I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down [Remixed US Dance Floor Smash] which when played loud reverberates its 80s excess with a glorious stereo aural assault.

Listening now and thus the sudden share. 


  1. Aha-I knew there was some 80s in your collection somewhere!

  2. mid 80s, rollerskating at the Wellington disco, Paul Young comes on and everyone joins in "every time you take a piece of MEAT...with you". And that is the best thing I can say about the man!
    The 80s passed me by too. At school I had to stand up for Queen and Dire Straits against behemoths like Bros and Yello. Not that I'm bitter!