Monday, 10 February 2014

Mama Lion - Give It Everything I've Got

Sonorous Too In The Giving

And if you think Lynn Carey is no more than what you see and a notional great gritty voice because of comparisons to others, do check this album out too, the second as Mama Lion, released in 1973. The title track is a belter in the expected formula – so damn good for that – and next I Wanna Be Your Woman with its funky organ punches and yet more belting and vocal pelting amongst the wah-wah continues the same with yet more and more to follow – so still goddamn fine by me – and then you get to a track like Dark Garden where it is obvious that Carey is much more than the excellence of her throaty yell, here with a beautifully poised and sonorous tone that melds with the background sitar and keyboard effects. Gorgeous. The album ends on two riff-heavy numbers at just under three minutes each, I’m Tired and Griffins. Formula rules, but there is genuine depth and variation.

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