Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Nebraska 9 - Omaha and Olin

$9.95 and Other Numbers

For 5 cents short of 10 bucks, all I actually buy are numbers,
30 downloads in 24 hours and yet little of any revelation
in these newspaper archives about my history: the
unknown father; brother or sister too - my sibling still with us,
possibly. 2 years younger than me, there are no mentions in
Births for that May in ’56, nor me, surprisingly, in an
otherwise documented March of ’54. Nearly 60 years ago and
none the wiser. But another sister is announced in 1960 with
our new dad, 6 years further down but in another Omaha road.
I find the pictures of that home, number 1406 on North 40th,
the duplex’s concrete porch still staring out at the passing cars
as the years rolled by. Thousands and thousands, some still in
primer grey. Olin is mentioned 13 different times, only 1 quote
of ‘his boys work hard’ - students with him in 1961, Oct 29.

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