Friday, 21 February 2014

Nebraska 15 - Omaha and Carl Sandburg, Again

Sunset From Omaha Hotel Window

INTO the blue river hills
The red sun runners go
And the long sand changes
And to-day is a goner
And to-day is not worth haggling over.

Here in Omaha
The gloaming is bitter
As in Chicago
Or Kenosha.

The long sand changes.
To-day is a goner.
Time knocks in another brass nail.
Another yellow plunger shoots the dark.

Wheeling over Omaha
As in Chicago
Or Kenosha.

The long sand is gone
and all the talk is stars.
They circle in a dome over Nebraska.

I did find a beautiful picture of a sunset over Omaha but it seemed for too beautiful and comforting for the ennui that Sandburg encapsulates here. It is probably to do with personal emotions of the time, but I imagine also an oppressive summer heat and humidity, not that this is mentioned. 

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