Friday, 28 February 2014

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Live at the Cleveland Agora [1974]

Sensationally Scottish

This morning I'm listening to this great live album, and as I write, listening to the rousing track Anthem, a Scottish rocker, with bagpipes, in honour of the great Scottish singer Alex Harvey born in Glasgow in 1935.

Alex Harvey was one of the finest rock vocalists and rock raconteurs of the notional glam rock period, though I would place him more broadly in Rock, accepting the theatrical in the songwriting and performance. The band was definitely sensational. I saw them once in Ipswich and it was a memorable experience.

This recording finishes on a stonking cover of Jumpin' Jack Flash. And the Cleveland audience are having a stonking time too, this being the one place in America that took Alex to their very loud and warm hearts.

Alex died in 1982, aged only 46.

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  1. OOOOOHHYEAH NOW YOU'RE TALKING! Debs got me into this lot. Actually quite proggy in places. Seriously underrated and due a revival. Intriguing music. Love the guitarist's style - echoes of Wilko in his stabby-staccato style on Faith Healer.