Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Allison Crowe and Band - Heirs + Grievances, encore

Hastings Gig

Further to my review of the studio recording of Heirs-Grievances, I was pleased to get the full double-cd which includes Introducing (Live).

All I wanted to add is that I was disappointed not to make Allison's one and only live gig here in England, at Hastings, and I haven't been able to find a review of that, but assuming it was full of the joy and fun that comes across on this cd's live offering, the audience at St Mary in the Castle will have been royally entertained.


  1. Wonderful to hear the CD(s) have reached you! Indeed, Allison Crowe and Band at St Mary in the Castle (they don't seem to use a period after St) - was full of joy and fun, and royally rewarding :)

    I've been dealing with health issues since returning to Canada - and Allison and her bandmates are now all immersed in their own projects. And, my sights are set on plotting the next tour of Europe to include a fuller line-up of dates in the UK.

    fyi, Record of the Day, a trade journal to which I subscribed, recently featured an artist you did catch in concert - Gregory Porter:

    All the best, we'll build up our own steam and make it back to your shores before too, too, long :) Cheers!

    1. Yes, and appreciated.

      Good to hear from you, and I hope you are feeling/getting better.

      When you do make these shores again, I will definitely attend a gig! Until then, I will continue to enjoy Allison's music on record.

  2. Thanks, I am slowly sorting out my health matters. One is a bad hip, not much can be done about that until it's replaced. The other problem, just correctly diagnosed this past week, was a host of issues related to undetected gas emissions from my car! Lucky to have survived, it seems!

    Having still 6 or 7 of my nine lives to go, all efforts will be made to bring Allison and band back to your shores. We'll keep in touch!

    Enjoy the discs, with all our best wishes :)

    1. Issue with the car sounds lethal! So lucky to have spotted. And I'd like a new back and knee!

      It has been interesting to 'catch up' elsewhere too and discover that as well as music, Allison's obviously, we share similar thoughts and feelings politically. That is a bonus. Take care.

  3. The mechanic told me I'm lucky to not be dead, or brain-dead. The former condition was self-evident, as to the latter, he reserved judgement. I am definitely finding life is better with more 02 than C02 in it!

    I'm now on the waiting list for a new hip (10 - 12 months for those interested in the Canadian healthcare system). So, until then, I'll learn to be resourceful in how I move about. The show must go on!

    Allison has an integrity that's exceptional. It's who she is, and, the music and that are why I'm still here, on one leg - dancing as fast as I can for her and, now, the band :) Cheers! All the best this Labour Day weekend, from Canada coast-to-coast!