Friday, 29 April 2016

Purson - Desire's Magic Theatre, album review

Pedigree Rock

I'm delighted to have received my signed copy of Purson's latest release Desire's Magic Theatre today, even more so to be listening now to its excellent, intelligent prog/straight rock, all songs composed, arranged and produced by the extraordinary talent that is Rosalie Cunningham who is also the band's lead singer and a fine guitarist. Indeed, Rosalie takes on many of the instrumental duties across all tracks, with touring band and extras getting occasional look-ins [and they are a fine touring band, so this is an interesting division of labour...].

The band will no doubt be sick of references to precursor sounds, so I'm going to avoid that well-trodden route. This is, as I say, excellent and intelligent in its crafting and performance, reviews from me on previous work and live here.

I am and have been for some time a genuine fan and can only reiterate the talent and control of Cunningham on this mature second album. But seeing the band live and finding them quite a collective force, I will just mention fourth track Pedigree Chum where the outstanding bassist Justin Smith gets his storming part, and as we are told within the inner sleeve, '(2nd part only)'. This is accompanied by fine, gutsy saxophone playing from Jon Seagroatt.

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