Friday, 1 April 2016

Teddy Thompson And Kelly Jones - Little Windows, album review

April Fools, No

There’s no fooling [apart from Only Fooling] on this 1st April release, mine with signed poster arriving smartly on the day, as the 50s/60s pop offerings are originals and not, as one could imagine, esoterica from the Everly Brothers’  and similar discographies. These are self-penned nostalgic-sounding gems from Thompson, Jones and Bill DeMain, Thompson having displayed a love of this period of rock’n’roll as well as Country for many years.

The harmonies are as tightly aligned as a double stick popsicle [I’ve been watching the box set of Mad Men, early episodes….] and the brisk renditions as radio ready for the time they imply. The lyrics are as contemporary as the timelessness of human relationships, exemplified in the single I Thought That We Said Goodbye, cleverly written with the bathetic irony we often find in a Thompson lyric,

The lying the fighting the me verses you
The make ups the break ups we know how to do
We swore up and down that this time we were through….
I thought that we said goodbye

This is followed by an even more plaintive if beautiful waltz Don’t Remind Me, the harmonies as perfectly coalesced as could be for two sweet singers. Penultimate You Can’t Call Me Baby at 1.57 is the breezy flipside, a jaunty slice of Bakersfield. 

A brief review of a brief but excellent album.

I so look forward to both Thompson and Jones performing In Exeter in May.

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