Monday, 31 January 2011

Gong - Expresso II

Another tangent

In the self-fulfilling journey this blog is I am enjoying the travels that take me along linking routes and in and out of the shadows of my own walking where I can then cast new ones for exploration.

From vocal exponents to Sonja Kristina to Curved Air to Darryl Way, by way of explanation, and I arrived at Gong's 'Expresso II' with its percussive jazz-fusion that's superbly done - but tonight nestled neatly into a background ambiance - until the tracks 'Sleepy' and 'Boring' [comically ironic] because DW plays violin on both and that's when the album stepped out of its shade for this listener although that is precisely what I was listening for.

Allan Holdsworth plays some wild guitar on the 'Sleepy' track which is first soothed by Way's classical strains and then merged with a similar wailing.

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