Friday, 28 January 2011

East of Eden - Snafu

Automotive awe

There's a linguistic limit to variations on titles for 'listening to music in the car': I've already used car, vehicular and now automotive so I'm up against the door now; there's transportation and the notion of being transported psychologically by awe, but I've just opened and shut that door in one semantic move.

I played East of Eden's 'Snafu' today and this is a better example of 'jazz rock' than Chicago or Blood Sweat & Tears referenced in the previous post. Not sure that it matters, but East of Eden, like Soft Machine, played more wholly instrumental jazz with solos and it certainly isn't the orchestrated jazz of C or BS&T. That's all.

'Snafu' is a great album. It's another one I pulled off the shelf quickly having not listened for quite a while but knowing it would trigger memories. Then I realised a slight error: my introduction to East of Eden wasn't this album, but their first 'Mercator Projected' and the track 'Communion' which was on the Decca sampler 'Wowie Zowie The World of Progressive Music' again referenced much earlier in this blog.

It's another avenue. I thought after the Chicago post I might take an aural stroll along to If - an English and positive example of that genre, whatever it is to be called - but now East of Eden might lead me to Soft Machine. We'll see. I really should saunter over to 'Mercato Projected'.

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