Saturday, 29 January 2011

Crispy Duk - ...A Late Night on Princess Street

Crispy morning

Got my 'Crispy Duk' cd this morning - ordered on the back of Paul Benley's vocals referenced below - and it's another great jazz album with those vocals ably supported by Jeremy Sassoon on Roland keyboard and Dave Walsh on drums.

And it's a crisp, clean and clear recording - apparently done live over two afternoon sessions and that simplicity underpins and highlights the excellence of the musicianship.

There are the standards again, like 'Summertime' [which one site I visit details 309 versions] and it's a sparkling cover, but the band and Bentley also tackle 'What's Going On', 'People Get Ready', 'Spinning Wheel' and 'Ain't No Sunshine' which, with such memorable originals, is a brave challenge that manages to stamp its own fresh seal. It's honest music/performance relying on collective talents without trying to be flash [though on 'Spinning Wheel' there's a flirtation with distortion that appeals to this ol' hippie and they probably just get away with the joke!].

These guys play their superb music in the lucky North West of England but if they ever get this far South to Pastoralworld I'm definitely going to have a great Late Night on Retirement Street.


  1. Sounds good this one.

  2. PS Am noticing that some of your aural awe is actually nocturnal, therefore the title of this blog is actually only partly true...!!!! :-)

  3. Although it is 'daily' that doesn't preclude the night and/or early hours!

    Have just found out that Paul Bentley has stopped gigging which is a shame. Hope he will still record.