Sunday, 10 February 2013

Nashville - TV Series

Nashville Nirvana

Just watched my first episode of Nashville, a certain winner for me with its marriage of Country music and soap opera. And imagine my delight in seeing that the star of the show is Connie Britton, as singer Rayna James, who also stars in my other favourite American televisual wedlock, Friday Night Lights which is American football and soap opera.

This pilot episode of Nashville has all that's bad which will therefore be good: tonight's highlight was the application of the pathetic fallacy as a lightning storm to follow immediately on the storyline's melodramatic zenith. There was also the Country lyrics sung by the up-and-coming, nasty-countrystar-protagonist Juliette Barnes, played by Hayden Panettiere, with a verse of boys and buses got a lot in common; both speed up when you try and stop 'em. 

After this one episode the central plot would appear to be how the following female trio fare over the course of the quintessential - so hyperbolic - ups and downs of living in this world: Rayna James as the rightfully established, but threatened, Queen of Country; Juliette Barnes as the conniving pretender; Scarlett [!] O'Conner as the innocent and aspiring real-deal.

Genuine highlight was seeing JD Souther, the great singer/songwriter, playing a wise-man role, a noble persona for one of the truly talented.

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